Ocean Bio-Chem, Inc. Releases Update On Use Of PERFORMACIDE To Stop The Spread Of Dog Flu

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Use PERFORMACIDE® ClO2 to disinfect water bowls, cages and toys without leaving harmful residue.

With the recent outbreaks of the Canine Influenza A virus, it is important that dog owners understand how the virus is spread and how to prevent it.  The Influenza A virus is spread when animals are in close contact or come into contact with surfaces previously contaminated by infected animals.  Part of the infection control measures include the disinfection of surfaces with which infected animals have come into contact.  Good disinfection techniques at kennels, veterinary offices, and veterinary clinics, including their waiting rooms is an important part of an infection control protocol

PERFORMACIDE® Hard Surface Disinfectant is an EPA registered virucide for killing Influenza A, Canine Parvovirus, and Feline Calicivirus.  Formulated for hospital use, PERFORMACIDE® utilizes chlorine dioxide which has passed all EPA requirements for use as a virucide.  PERFORMACIDE® ClO2 is a powerful disinfectant but does not leave harmful residues. PERFORMACIDE® is the perfect choice to disinfect water bowls, cages, furniture and pet toys with no wiping or rinsing required.

PERFORMACIDE® can be sprayed, mopped, or sponged and allowed to air dry, so there is no risk of spreading microorganisms to other surfaces. Unlike ordinary bleach dilutions which only last 24 hours, PERFORMACIDE®’s activated solution remains effective for 15 days when properly stored.

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