Sea Turtle Oversight Protection, a not for profit volunteer group based in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, had major success for the hatchlings last season thanks to the efforts of all the rescue volunteers in the field and those who worked with the condo's and businesses to raise awareness. The final totals for the 2009 season are 5513 hatchlings rescued and released that would have otherwise died because of improper lighting that attracts the hatchlings to the city instead of the ocean. Close to 400 hatchlings were transported to Gumbo Limbo rescue center for rehabilitation and released.  S.T.O.P. has made some Star brite Sea Turtle BucketMonumental changes in the protection management and lighting compliance in Broward County.


In 2010, Star brite has been instrumental in the development and hosting of the website which serves to map Broward County nests, schedule volunteers and collect vital nest statistics that will be used by FWC and Broward County municipalities to help save these majestic creatures from extinction. Star brite also donated new, clean buckets for all volunteers to safely transport the rescued hatchlings that become disoriented because of improper lighting.

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