Star Tron

Star Tron® is a very unique and effective fuel treatment that uses cutting-edge enzyme technology. Manufactured and distributed worldwide by Star brite®, the marine industry’s leading provider of fuel additives, motor oils, cleaners, adhesives, waxes, polishes and more, Star Tron® cures and prevents Ethanol fuel problems such as decreased performance and power. Star Tron® uses revolutionary enzyme technology to improve gasoline and diesel fuel, and in turn the performance of engines using the treated fuel. Star Tron® makes engines start easier, run smoother, get better fuel economy and produce less emissions.

Star Tron® is a multifunctional fuel treatment that works in all 2 and 4-cycle engines. The enzymes stabilize fuel chemistry for up to two years and remove gums, varnish and carbon deposits. Star Tron® allows fuel to burn more completely for maximum performance, decreased emissions, prevention of carbon deposits and increased fuel economy even with Ethanol-blended fuel. Available in formulas for gasoline and diesel, Star Tron® is extremely cost-effective, yet produces significant, immediate results.