Company History

Company History

Peter Dornau co-founded the Company in 1973 around a single product, Star brite® Auto Polish. This polish revolutionized the industry through its advertising programs such as the now famous Star brite® commercials which included the ``Junkyard Test`` where an automobile selected from a junk yard was transformed into a vehicle of beauty in minutes utilizing Star brite® Polish. Over time a greatly expanded line of products were developed around the polish to maintain the appearance of vehicles.

Despite its early success, in the mid-80's the Company began shifting its product line focus into the wide open boat care and appearance market. Now, nearly twenty years later, the Star brite® brand is the nationally known standard for boat appearance and care. The Company has also established solid niches in the recreational vehicle, aircraft, home care, aviation, outdoor power equipment powersports and motorcycle markets.



Founded in 1973

Founded in 1973 as Star brite Corporation by founders Peter Dornau & Arthur Spector

Stat brite expands into the Canadian market



Introduces revolutionary car polish: Poly-System One

Fast Cars and Junkyards

World-famous race car driver Mario Andretti becomes the official spokesperson for Star brite products, and introduces the world to the famous Junkyard Test.



Initial Public Offering on NASDAQ as OBCI

Star brite becomes the official sponsor of the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders, known as the ``Star brites``

Kinpak Acquisition

Star brite acquires an 80,000 sq. ft. manufacturing & distribution facility in Montgomery, AL.



Star brite introduces a revolutionary enzyme fuel treatment: Star Tron.

Acquisitions & Introductions

A decade of creating great brands, during this time Star brite acquired the rights to several innovative products, including Performacide, NosGUARD, Snappy Marine, and Damp Check.

The company introduced these products to the market with improved branding and innovative marketing.



Expanding for the next decade

After a long, yet successful year, the Company has broken ground on the fourth major expansion to its manufacturing plant, bringing the total square footage to over 370,000 sq. ft.