Who We Are

Executive Team

Peter G. Dornau

President and CEO

Peter G. Dornau is the co-founder of the Company. Since its inception in 1973 he has served as President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Gregor M. Dornau

Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Gregor M. Dornau is the Company’s Executive Vice President, overseeing all domestic and international sales and marketing functions. Mr. Dornau joined the Company in 1990 and has served in a wide variety of sales positions. In 2005 was elected to serve as the Company’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He was also elected to serve as a Director in June of 2007.

Jeffrey S. Barocas

Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey Barocas has served as Chief Financial Officer since 2006. He was elected Vice President-of Finance and Chief Financial Officer in April 2007. Prior to joining the Company in 2006, Mr. Barocas served as a Financial Officer of several public and privately-owned companies. He was also elected to serve as a Director of the Company in June 2007.

William W. Dudman

Chief Operations Officer

William W. Dudman joined our company in February 2004 as our Vice President - Operations and Secretary. Prior to joining Ocean Bio-Chem, Inc., he held various management positions within the marine industry, most recently with West Marine, Inc., from May 1999 to February 2004. He has been a director since August 2007.

Marc A. Emmi

Senior Vice President of Sales

Marc Emmi is the Company’s Vice President of Sales. Mr. Emmi joined the company in 2007. He has extensive executive sales management experience in the marine, automotive, sporting goods and hardware industries in both domestic and international markets.

Board of Directors

Peter G. Dornau

Jeffrey S. Barocas

Diana M. Conard*

Gregor M. Dornau

William W. Dudman

James M. Kolisch

Kimberly A. Krause*

John B. Turner*

*member of audit and equity grant committees